Mountain Bike Philippines guide for 2017

The past year is the best indicator that Mountain Biking will trend in 2017 so to inspire others here’s my Mountain Bike Philippines guide for 2017. Soon enough more people will be familiar with the terms ‘share the road’, ‘tuhod’, ‘long ride’, ‘upgraditis’ and ‘tunog mayaman’ to name a few. This article for a newbie will provide an insight or perspective of what biking here in the Philippines is. While for the experts this will make them proud to see how far the biking community have reach out. So let’s begin.

Join BIKE TIANGGE AND Pinoy MTB – Filipino Mountain Bikers

I have been a part of two Facebook group BIKE TIANGGE and Pinoy MTB – Filipino Mountain Bikers and most of the members there are active and you can feel the passion for Biking in their everyday post.

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This is very motivating specially those who just started biking. I was a member of both group for about a year now and during my early days the posts there keeps my enthusiasm in Mountain Biking up high. From stolen bikes, before and after transformation, bike accident and biking achievement you can find everything here. This is also the best place to learn various Mountain Biking terms. And I will some of them below:

  •  Tuhod
    • When you post a question about What to upgrade in your Bike? Most likely someone will reply “Tuhod” it’s like saying train first before spending for a beautiful bike.
  • Upgraditis
    • The common sickness of Bikers where they can’t stop themselves in upgrading their Bike Parts even to the expense of eating siomai for the rest of the weekend.
  • Tunog Mayaman
    • This is the desired sound of your Bike when you are free wheeling. The most expensive you hubs is the more “tunog mayaman” it will be.

Know your type of Bike

Mountain Bike lovers guide in the Philippines

Mountain Bike Philippines guide for 2017

I am no expert to talk to you about this things but basically the reason why there are different type of Mountain Bike is to compliment the way a biker enjoys his bike. For just a regular biker like me I don’t really care what kind of bike I have. I am using it for exercising and brought it also on long rides and I am satisfied with its performance. But I do want to emphasize the importance of getting the right size of Mountain to buy. Here in the Philippines the most common are 26er 27.5″ and a 29er.


Most of the bikes that you can find here in the Philippines are 26ers mainly because of our average height. If you have the correct size of bike you will feel comfortable riding, spend less power pedaling and easily maneuver on traffic.

Join a Bike Group

Now this is where you will get hooked on Biking. It all depends though on what kind of people you have joined. To know your choices just use the two Facebook page I said above and post that you are liking for a group to join. The most common group and that one I will suggest you to join is a location based group. Like Parañaque Mountain Bike Group and UFB Taguig to name a few. Why do you need to join a group based on your location? Because it will be easier for you to come in the event of rides or meetup which is a regular for a bike group.

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My group for example aside from the weekly rides and a few meetups, they are also active in joint ride with other groups and charity event. Yes you read it right Charity event and its great feeling that with biking I now have the ability to help others.

To be continued . .

I will stop at those three guides first because pretty much if you do those you will be in the right track. Maybe later I will write about the Budget and Safety part of Biking if there’s enough interest from you guys.  So how’s my Mountain Bike Philippines guide for 2017

Mountain Bike Philippines guide for 2017

Mountain Bike lovers guide in the Philippines

article? Keep me posted by commenting below what you think about this article. I will gladly appreciate it. Thanks!