Pag IBIG Online Registration Process – Welcome to the PagIBIG online registration guide where we will walk you through the registration process and make sure you get your HDMF Membership ID or better known as Pag-IBIG MID. Before you can avail the benefits, like any other institution you will need to become a member first. Employees are required to become a member and it is one of the requirements of the employer, to submit the Pag-IBIG account everytime they hire new employee.

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What’s a Pag-IBIG ID?

Pag-IBIG MID is basically your membership to Pag-IBIG, it will allow you to avail Loaning services like housing Loans, Short-Term Loans, MP2 Enrollment System. This is also one of the requirements in employment and you’d definitely need to get it at one point.


Pag-IBIG Online Registration Process - How to get a membership ID online? 1

Pag IBIG Online Registration Process – How to get a membership ID online?


What this Guide Covers

  • New Registration of PAG-IBIG membership ID for non existing members
  • This is more applicable for graduates and people who are looking to apply for their first Job.



Pag Ibig Online Registration process

    1. Let’s start by going to Pag IBIG’s registration website. Click here to go -> PAG IBIG WEBSITE
    2. Select “Register as New Memberand click Continue
      pag ibig online registration

      Pag IBIG online registration – Step 1

    3. Fill up your First, Last, Middle name along with your Birthday and click continue.
    4. You will be taken to another page where you have to fill in the rest of the information about you including Member Info (Parent’s name), Other, Address, Contacts, Heirs, Member Category, Employment History, Summary
      pag ibig online registration

      Pag IBIG Online Registration Process – How to get a membership ID online? – Step 2


    5. Once you’re able to Submit the rest of the information, you will be given a Registration Tracking Number, take note that this is not yet your MID.  Once the Membership ID has been processed, it will be texted to your supplied mobile number upon registration.
    6. You can now view the MID number as well by going to the same website and selecting View Registration Information” instead and then  supplying your First and last name along with the Registration Tracking number. Once the page pulls up, your MID will be available on the top-right area


How to verify your Pag Ibig number?

  • After 2 working days you can verify your Pag-IBIG ID number thru text by sending the RTN number and your birthdate in this format.
  • IDSTAT<space>[RTN]<space><Birthdate MM/DD/YYYY>
    Example: IDSTAT 912345678925 12/15/1982
  • Send To:

0917 888 4363 for Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers
0918 898 4363 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers


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Frequently asked questions about Pag IBIG Online Registration

1. How long will it take before my MID gets processed?

it takes about 3 days for it to get processed, you will receive a text message containing your Membership ID number. make sure to save it as this is the only copy they send you. You can still view the membership status online, just make sure you still also have the “Registration Tracking Number”

2. Will the temporary Registration be accepted by my employee?

Depending on your employer, mostly yes! As long as you have proof that the registration is ongoing you can go and continue working.

3. Can I get a housing loan?

Important notes to remember for those who wish to apply for Pag IBIG Housing Loan:

  • You must be at least 24 months member. (See paragraph below.)
  • You must not have any outstanding Pag IBIG Housing Loan. That is, all your mortgages must be fully paid.
  • Check your age: You must be younger than 70 years old at loan maturity.
  • You must be an active member and of good standing (no existing multi-purpose loan in arrears)

4. Can I use Pag IBIG Loan to purchase a lot-only property?

Sure! In fact, you can also use it to finance your house construction or for house improvement.

5. Can I use Pag IBIG Housing Loan to repair my house?

Yes that’s possible. But make sure the land title is in your name or the name of the Pag IBIG Fund member.

6. I use to work in the Philippines, but I am now and OFW. What happens to my previous contributions? Can it be combined with my Pag IBIG Overseas Program contributions?


Your contributions while you are here in the Philippines an as employee belong to Pag IBIG. You can continue with it and contribute still or just leave it to earn dividend. In any case, you can claim that money plus all other dividends it earned when it matures.

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That’s it!

I hope this guide helps you with your concern, if you have any questions/suggestions, you can always leave a comment below  and don’t hesitate to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!