Chelsie Tecson Blanco – the girl on the Viral Selfie Photo

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo – Kids these days like to show off in social media without realizing the consequences of what they’re about to do. That’s the story of our Facebook girl Chelsie Tecson Blanco who posted a selfie of herself in an fitted orange top which brags her nipples for the netizens to feast upon – and boy did they feast on it. Now Chelsie Tecson Blanco was being bombarded by nasty and degrading comments about the picture. Some of them are below.

Chelsie Tecson Blanco Facebook post nasty and degrading comments

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo – you post something stupid then you gotta have the guts to take in all the nasty and degrading comments. Amazingly Chelsie Tecson Blanco have the guts to do so in fact the post was still posted in her timeline. Some of the comments are below:

ganyan kasi tayo.. hindi daw sila gusto ma bastos pero ang pinapakita nila ay kalapastangan. edi wow. sino ang hindi minamanyak nyan? magsuot kayo ng maayos para hindi kayo ma bastos ptngina! #Realtalk Jay Cataos

I dont have the right to degrade someone. But take note of this, we are in a Christian country whether you like it or not. There’s no such religion inclined with this but it is what our perspectives all about. We should always put values and virtues whatever we are doing. You can be sexy in such decent way. 😊 Still, you are beautiful indeed without that thing. Remember, If you want to be respected, it should have possessed within you. Girls, you are valuable. Treasure your dignity. – Hanson Manubag

Hahahahahahahahaha alam mo yung kumakain ka ng lunch tol. Tapos nag-i-scroll scroll ka sa facebook kasi Sunday, maganda ang araw tol. Tapos nakita ko daming likes. Nakita ko bakat yung alitires tol. Medyo kinaya ko pa naman. Pero nung na-double tap ko sa kili kili. Naligo ng kanin yung mama ko eh! Nabuga ko eh! 😂😂 – Jacklord Esguerra

As you can see some of them are giving advice, some of the are stating the realities of our culture and one of them was just plain nasty. But below might be the nastiest of them all.

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo -Top Comment

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo – Now if there’s an award for the Top comment then “may nanalo na” this guys just found a connection from another viral story of unexplained sea creatures in the Philippines:

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo – Top comment

If you didn’t laugh at that then no one else could. Below is the Zoomed in photo of that armpit:

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo

That armpit tho

I got no comment on that one I will let you guys decide.

Chelsie Tecson Blanco proud of her viral selfie photo

Yes you hear it right after all the nasty and degrading comments she got looks like she’s not regretting what happened. Besides she just posted this below:

Chelsie Tecson Blanco viral selfie photo

Chelsie Tecson Blanco proud of her viral selfie photo


Well who are we to judge guys? I actually admire that GAY [yes it’s confirmed LoL] for being cool about it. At least we don’t see her whining about cyber bullying and such because that would be plain hypocrisy. Let’s just categorized her act as funny and not degrade her personality, live and let live.

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