Coloud No.4 Headphones Review

I’ve just recently got my hands on the latest model of the Coloud Series Earphones,the Coloud No.4. It is a highly durable pair of earbuds. Angled earbuds and multi-sized caps give the perfect in-ear fit, delivering direct sound and a powerful bass. Features a tangle-free cord with clip, and magnetized earbuds that snap together. Perfect for those who does a mix of sports, travels and even casual listening to music.

The Box and its Content.

There’s nothing really special about the box, it’s pretty typical of what earphone manufacturer does.What I like about it is the color and the accents of green which pairs very well. You can open the box by flipping the flop at the bottom and then lifting the front cover which reveals the headphones. Color options available are only Dark Gray-Green and Gray-green which is what I have here.

Inside the box, you get:

  • No.4 Earphones
  • Clip
  • 3 Pairs of Earbuds in different sizes
  • Manual

I like the fact that you do get the clip which helps a lot in keeping the earphones at place when you travel and like to listen to music while commuting.


Coloud did not put a a lot of the earphone’s specs on the box but here’s what you can see

  • Driver: 9mm, Dynamic
  • Sensetivity: 100mv@ 1Khz = 98db
  • Impedence: 32ohm
  • Weight: 17g

As you can see, it doesn’t really have the best spec and certain smartphone headphones nowadays such as the one that comes from Samsung phones can closely match the sound quality of this earphones. It has just the right amount of bass and the lows are a little overpowering at times when on a default EQ preset. A quick fix on the equalizer did the Job though and you can increase the Highs/Bass and it doesn’t not crackle easily. Clarity is alright too specially with acoustic songs, it gets the job done just right.  The cable length is just a tad longer than 1 meter and is enough even if you keep your phone in your pocket even when connected.


What’s attractive on the phone is the fact that the earphones are magnetic and you can easily manage them. along with the tangle free cables you can lasso using the strap. Coloud probably still holds the best cable/earphone management design every thought of. The clip helps a lot too, as one of the many Filipinos who commute, I find this useful when I just want to chill in long travels or walking without worrying the earphones falling off.

Should you buy the Coloud No.4?

A big yes if you’re on the lookout for the best all around earphones that is durable, great sounding as long as you tweak your EQ, and can be easily managed. with a price of 950.00 Pesos, it is hard to say no to this offer. I bought mine from Astroplus which can be found inside SM malls. Let us know what you think!