Want to standout? Be different.
This has been the idea behind the concept of customized items. And the number of things you can customize nowadays are increasing. Even the the way of customization has also innovated in a lot of ways since the past few years.

Take shoes, for example. Most known brands provide options for consumers to make their own designs. Just click and drag this and that. Viola! You have your own pair of sneakers and you’re sure you won’t come across another person who wears the same (Unless by accident, you both actually had the exact same features to put on the shoes in mind. Woah!).

But hold up, that’s actually a thing of the past. Why, you may ask?
Because if ever you would like to have another design, you’ll have to custom and buy another pair. Costly, isn’t it?

Introducing ShiftWear sneakers. “A sneaker that gives the user complete creative control.”
How is it different?

The company offers 6 simple-looking designs for shoes, and you can pick which colors you prefer.

The back of half of this shoe is a flexible display screen made of waterproof, Kevlar-coated electronic paper. And with the free app that comes together with it, you can display any design you want on your sneakers. You can choose from images to videos and save them in the app playlist. The playlist also allows you to custom the length of time each design/image/video. Now, isn’t that cool?!

Other product features:
– HD screen (with backlight option for clearer display in the dark)
– Color capability
– Images and video compatibility
– Wireless charging (walking charges them, too)
– Waterproof; stain, oil and dirt resistant
– Kevlar fiber coated soles

Available colors:
– Black
– Red
– Green
– Blue
– Yellow
* Additional fee for custom colors

Compatibility(app): Windows, iOS, Android

They are not yet suitable for running, the ShiftWear team is reportedly going to release a separate line which will be suitable for sports or running.

They also have plans for expansion, they plan to incorporate the same technology to t-shirts, hats, jackets, backpacks and sunglasses in the future.

The shoes haven’t been released yet, but they are open for pre-orders for a whopping $250 downpayment. The actual price? Just $500. Well, you should’ve seen that coming, a pair of kicks with HD screens wouldn’t just cost you double digits.

They will be on first come first serve basis, so, if you would like to have yours, go visit their website at www.shiftwear.com now.

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